Best Assisted Opening Knife

The top assisted opening knives would be those that open in a shorter period, and you are able to carry around lawfully, unlike switchblades. A switchblade is a folding knife which opens with a push of a button, therefore regarded as illegal in the nation.

It’s also referred to as an automatic, a change, or even a movie knife. When it partly opens (around 45 degrees), an inner mechanism or a spring will go on to completely open the knife. It’s why it is also referred to as a spring-assisted launching knife. This sort of knife is often used as a regular carry tool knife.



1 Ontario Knife OKC Rat Ii Sp-Black Folding Knife, 7 inches

This assisted opening knife, made in the united states and imported to other nations, is made for comfort and functionality. You may use it with your left or right hand, and simple to use with its black nylon six-scale handle.

The black Nylon 6 manage comes with an open-built steel liner-lock framework. Its three-inch, 0.095-inch thick, silver, total flat grind blade is made of AUS-8 stainless steel with a satin finish.


Why we choose Ontario Knife

If you’re searching for very best folding knife which provides an excellent functionality, this Ontario knife is right for you. This ambidextrous knife is simple to use with its double thumb studs. You may even take it around easily using its in-built reversible pocket clip.



2 Ontario 8904 Joe Pardue Utiliac Folding Knife (Black)

The Ontario 8904 is just one of Ontario’s next series of Joe PardueUtiliac knives. It’s made from this AUS-8A steel blade, which can be 0.115-inch thick. This pocket knife includes a 3.5-inch plain edge blade with a matte satin finish.

It’s a trendy round Zytel handle having a Liner Lock locking mechanism. The knife shut length is 4.5 inches. Ontario is among the best assisted opening knives.


Why we choose Ontario 8904

This knife has a thumb stud, making it effortless to close and open even with only 1 hand. Its 56-58 HCR blade hardness provides the ideal mixture of strength retention and durability.

The same as any other Ontario goods, this knife is constructed from quality materials without undermining its craftsmanship.



3 SOG Folding Pocket Knife Aegis One Hand Open Knife

The SOG Aegis is a assisted everyday carry (EDC), hunting, tactical, and camping knife at exactly the exact same moment. It’s a 3.5-inch stainless steel clip point blade with a glass-reinforced nylon grip handle.

Its closed length steps at 4.75 inches. It’s a pocket knife, which may be opened and secures the blade using a Piston Lock. Its blade is constructed from this AUS-8 stainless steel coated with black titanium nitride.


Why we choose SOG Folding Pocket Knife

If you’re trying to find a precise and powerful knife which can serve you a life, this is the one for you. Its straight border provides a balanced piercing-style cut.

It’s made to last with its own scratch and peel-resistant attribute. The no-slip Digi-Grip manage makes this powerful knife quite comfortable to use, placing it directly to your shared record with greatest assisted opening knives under $100.



4 Kershaw Blur Black (1670BLK) Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Blur is a Speedsafe-assisted opening knife which makes it ambidextrously secure and simple to open.By manually applying pressure to the thumb stud or flipper, the blade opens smoothly.

Its reversible pocket clip makes it effortless to carry in your pocket subtly. The deal has an inset Liner Lock for security and endurance. Additionally, the Trac-Tec provides an excellent grip for safe handling in almost any weather and surroundings state.

It’s a high quality, and dependable working instrument with a superb layout, which you may utilize and show-off anytime.


Why we choose Kershaw Blur Black Knife

Its high performance Sandvik 14C28N steel is devised with greater nitrogen which made it challenging and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, its own DLC coating left it that the blade tougher and providing the knife an appealing and shiny finish.

Its advantage brings excellent cutting edge and piercing abilities, which is excellent for is excellent for handling multiple demanding jobs.

You’re also assured of a sleek, quick, and protected one-handed installation with its revolutionary Speedsafe-assisted opening system. It had been an easy selection for us to incorporate it into finest assisted opening knives listing.



5 Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660)

The Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife is among those top-performing knives at our finest assisted opening knives listing, famous for its tough, edge retention, and corrosion-resistant border. Its 3.5-inch blade consists of Sandvick 14C28N Sandwich steel.

The manage, measuring four inches, is constructed from 410 stainless steel metal. It’s a framework lock giving it a slender, sleek design plus a suggestion lock which keeps the blade closed for security. The Speedsafe Assisted opening makes it effortless to open.


Why we choose Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Leek is a flexible and slender best automatic knife using a drop-point blade that’s perfect for piercing and cutting jobs. The razor metal blade provides you quality performance even for prolonged use.

The slim suggestion is always a plus for much more detailed functions. This reasonably priced pocket knife can be fade and scratch-resistant.



6 Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife EDC Knife with Speedsafe Assisted Opening

The Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife includes a2.75-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade coated with a matte grey titanium carbo-nitride. It’s an perfect pocket knife for hikers, backpackers, hunters, wilderness guides, electricians, landscapers, or even anybody who desires an EDC knife.

This merchandise from the speediest assisted opening knives listing is a high quality and tough-performance, folding knife that’s also an excellent working tool. The same as additional Kershaw knives, the Cryo Pocket Knife consists of top-notch substances with brilliant craftsmanship.

This knife includes a stable blade lockup with Speedsafe Assisted Opening with an easy push of a thumb stud or flipper.


Why we choose Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife

The substances used in the blade makes it hard and sturdy, which may persist for a lifetime. The very best kershaw assisted opening knife is constructed with superior durability and corrosion resistance.

It’s a superbly designed, slick, sturdy knife without undermining its own aesthetic worth. It’s an perfect EDC knife to deal with a lot of tasks such as stripping cables, removing splinters, and creating fire kindling.

Besides, you might even own it since the very best folding knife to get self-defense.



7 SOG Folding Knife Pocket Knife

Having an ultra-sharp 2.65-inch AUS-8 Stainless Steel blade, this pocket knife can easily be performed subtly. This assisted opening knife is my favorite from greatest assisted opening knives listing. Measuring only 3.55 inches in closed span, you may keep it everywhere and anyplace.

It is a ideal EDC knife using its SOG helped technology for simple one launching with either hand. The Lockback retains the blade protected. Even though the superbly crafted aluminum handle provides it more standard.


Why we choose SOG Folding Knife Pocket Knife

It can easily fit into your pocket or some other woman’s handbag. This attribute makes it a fantastic EDC multi-purpose pocket knife. It may be your everyday utility knife along with your camping and survival knife.

With an extremely durable handle made from hard-anodized aluminum. The same as other SOG goods, you can rest ensured that this knife will survive and function you for quite a while.



8 Gerber Covert Knife

The Gerber Covert Knife includes a sturdy ceramic coated plain, serrated blade that measures 3.7 inches. Its negative lock is ideal for extra consumer security. Its rapid action spring technologies (F.A.S.T.) gives it an extremely smooth installation.


Why we choose Gerber Covert Knife

The Gerber Covert Knife is your perfect simple thumb to start knife for every working man and woman. The F.A.S.T. technology makes because of its simple installation. Its exceptional G-10 handle provides you with a nice and firm grip for virtually any undertaking.



9 Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife

The extra-thick three-inch blade, made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, is excellent for piercing actions. These attributes, in addition to the black-oxide edge complete, also make it corrosion-resistant.

The black glass-filled nylon manage added into the being lightweight. It’s a four-position pocket clip and liner lock for extra security.

It’s an ideal utility knife for a variety of tasks such as piercing holes, cutting wires, opening cans, as well as for saving. This is an easy Selection for us to place it into finest assisted opening knives listing.


Why we choose Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife

This assisted opening knives lawful is light and easy to continue but stays highly functional when looking good at precisely the exact same moment. Its blade can easily and immediately be sharpened. It’s a trusted instrument for backpackers, hunters, first responders, or landscapers.



10 Smith & Wesson SWMP4L 8.6in High Carbon S.S.

The black aluminum handle with rubber inlay makes it effortless to grip with any dimension of a hand and also in any given condition. You can be certain this Smith & Wesson is reliable in any circumstance.

Knife collectors and searching fans alike can enjoy and revel in this knife. The 3.6-inch sharp blade consists of 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel.

If you love the Smith & Wesson firearms, then you’ll also benefit from the performance and dependability of the EDC knife.


Why we choose Smith & Wesson Knife

It’s an perfect EDC knife using its MAGIC assisted opening system. Additionally, it has lining and security locks which makes you feel at ease the blade won’t slide when not required. A right-handed or left handed person may use the knifewith its ambidextrous thumb plate. Together with these plugins, you can still show it off to your buddies with its quality layout. You might even refer the remainder of the automated opening knives .

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