Best Knives 2021

Since you are searching for the best knives 2021, you presumably realize best knives hold a significant spot throughout the entire existence of the art. With customs that have been ceremoniously regarded for a considerable length of time, Japanese knife fashioning is generally viewed as glorious.

In case you’re a genuine culinary expert or amateur, you will be looking for the best knives once in your lifetime.

Let’s start with our complete guide right here,

Which explains the quality, design, and performance of the most excellent models currently available in the market.



Our Top Picks

Zelite Infinity Nakiri

Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife

  • Chef Knife
  • Super Steel
  • Razor Sharp


Shun Classic 10

best japanese knives

  • PakkaWood Handle
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Chef’s Knife


Yoshihiro Hayate


  • High Carbon Steel
  • Kiritsuke Knife
  • Hammered blade




List of Top & Best Rated Knives in 2021

Before purchasing anything many of us searches it online and compare it with other products, because why not? If you are going to invest your money you have every right to research for it and choose the best one in exchange for the money you are giving.

Professional Chefs Like it…

So, we ended up researching best knife brands 2021, After testing multiple knives and taking personal reviews of professional chefs and home consumers we concluded a list of best knives that will guide you that which knife will be the best for you.

But, still, it’s all depends on what you are searching for?

So, let’s begin the list and see which is best for you.

Top Rated Knives in 2021


Best Japanese Knife 2021: Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife

Best Rated Knife 2021: Dalstrong Santoku

Best High Carbon 2021: Dalstrong Nakiri High Carbon

Best Shun Knife 2021: Shun Premier 6-Inch Lightweight

Miyabi Best Knife 2021: Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife

Best Knife for Gifts 2021: Yoshihiro NSGY240SH

Best Knife Sharpener 2021: Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge


Best Chef Knives

1 Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife 6 Inch

First and foremost, as we all know that the glorious history of knives coming from a long time, over seven centuries. The craftsmen have produced some of the best quality knives over generations.

Zelite Infinity Nakiri – This is one of the best cooking knife

Likewise, when it comes to Zelite Infinity Nakiri Chef Knife, it is no exception. It has lauded by many expert chefs. Its 6-inch blade is thin, delicate, super sharp, and cuts everything with buttery smoothness. In simple words, it is an essential weapon for your kitchen operations.


best japanese knives


Main Features

  • 6-inch Sharp Blade
  • Premium Stainless Damascus Steel
  • Well-balanced handle
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Gross weight 1.32 pounds
  • Rockwell hardness 61
  • Stain resistance
  • Rust resistance
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Incredible sharp blade
  • Rust and stain resistant
  • Firm gripping
  • Amazing handle
  • Durable
  • Need maintenance
  • The thin blade might not perform heavy duties

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Design and Usability

The design of Zelite Infinity knife is attractive and durable. It has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the clients. Besides, the total length of this knife is 11.5-inch. It is very easy to balance and control. One of the most appealing features of the Zelite Infinity knife is its three rounded handles.

It makes it easier for the chefs to control and gives a firm gripping. Additionally, it will help you during slicing, cutting, and dicing. You can go to work with Zelite infinity for extended periods, without any fatigue and tiredness.

Quality and Performance

The quality and performance of Zelite Infinity are unquestionably amazing. It is durable and lasts long. When it comes to performance, there are no questions whatsoever. Its super-sharp blade and incredible design make it superior to its other competitors. It is useful for all type of kitchen activities, and if you take care of your Zelite Infinity, it could be your best friend in the kitchen.Apart from that, its sharp blade does not need frequent sharpening.


The Zelite Infinity offers sharpness and durability at the same time. Its strain & rust resistance, excellent sharpness, and easy maintenance make one of the best knife for chefs. So, if you are looking for an excellent quality Best Chef Knife, which does not need extra maintenance, the Zelite infinity could be an amazing option for you.


Top Rated Chef Knife

2 Dalstrong Santoku Knife 2021

If you are a firm believer of review based shopping, then the Dalstrong Santoku is probably for you. It shows the immense satisfaction of the customers that Dalstrong Santoku has 90% 5-star positive reviews.

It is obvious to say that this knife is reliable and up to the mark of the customers’ expectations. Therefore, we can say that if we evaluate it based on their astonishing positive feedback, undoubtedly, Dalstrong Santoku is the best knife ever.

Therefore, those who are not knives expert can also go for it because of the immense satisfaction of the customers is the clear indication of its phenomenal performance.




Main Features

  • 7-inch AUS-10V steel blade
  • HRC 62+
  • G10 handle
  • Made up 67 stainless steel layers
  • Best positive feedback (90%)
  • It offers professional quality
  • Ergonomic handle & bolster
  • Firm grip
  • Amazing customer service
  • Some of you may find the logo on the blade uncomfortable
  • Lesser quality steel

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Design & Usability

If we talk about the design, the total length of the blade is 7 inch, and the tip is a little bent. Apart from that, in contrast to other knives designs, the Dalstrong Santoku comes with G-10 fiber glass, this provides extra firm grip and easiness while cutting, slicing, or dicing for longer periods.

This is a comprehensive design, which offers comfort as well as extraordinary performance. Similarly, its design is user friendly and without any sign of fatigue, you can professionally enjoy your kitchen operations. Its sharp blade is more than capable to undergo different uses in the kitchen.


It is well-balanced so that you feel comfortable while using the Dalstrong Santoku for extended periods. Likewise, its sharp blade makes you feel like a professional chef. Therefore, everyone needs to have a friend like Dalstrong Santoku in the kitchen.

Quality & Performance

In the shape of Dalstrong Santoku, you can get one of the best knife in 2021 which makes things easier for you. If you have a blade of this quality, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen. The Dalstrong Santoku is immensely popular among professional chefs and it is trusted by clients.

The 90% plus positive feedback make it easier for you to opt non-other than the Dalstrong Santoku. Besides, its maintenance is easy and the company provides excellent customers service. However, there are some complaints regarding the sharpness of the Dalstrong Santoku, but overall the customer satisfaction is quite clear from its amazing ration of positive reviews. but we also provide best knife sharpener for Dalstrong Santoku.


If you are a strong believer of feedback-based purchasing, the Dalstrong Santoku is designed for you. Their remarkable positive reviews of 90% make it an ideal choice for such customers. This is also a strong indication of its incredible performance.

Apart from positive feedback, its performance is exemplary and could be a lifetime experience to have a Dalstrong Santoku in your kitchen.


Best Budget Friendly Knife

3Dalstrong Phantom Chef Knife 2021

Dalstrong Phantom is probably one of the best knife I have ever seen. It is beautifully designed and it gives an amazing look. Apart from looks, it is mercilessly sharp and the maintenance Dalstrong Phantom is easy. It is better suited for neat cutting, slicing and dicing of vegetables, making salads, and other similar kitchen operations.

However, it is designed for softer duties rather than heavy duties. If you are a professional chef and need a knife for heavy-duty, we will not recommend this knife to you.




Main Features

  • An 8-inch sharp thin blade
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced
  • 58 Rockwell hardness
  • Firm gripping
  • Super sharp
  • Beautifully designed
  • Awesome look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to control
  • Well-balanced
  • May not be as effective for heavy duties

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Design & Usability

Its lightweight, sharp edge, balanced-design, and awesome look make it a perfect pick for you. If we talk about design and balance, it is aesthetically amazing and beautiful. Apart from attractive looks, the performance of Dalstrong of Phantom is amazing and it is extremely efficient. Due to its beautiful look and performance, you can present your collection to your loved ones.

The lightweight, sharp & thin blade, awesome balance and cool gripping of the Dalstrong Phantom make it a top pick for professionals as well amateurs. It is more than capable to perform kitchen undertakings smoothly. It is mercilessly sharp and cuts everything with ease.

Quality & Performance

The top quality, handy balance, and efficiency make the Dalstrong Phantom the priority of professional chefs as well as the beginners. Its lightweight makes it comfortable and easy to control. Additionally, it needs little maintenance and it is resistant to rust.

Normally, it has been observed that best knives 2021 cost some money and usually, the cost of a single knife is well over $100, but when it comes to Dalstrong Phantom, it is budget-friendly and you can save money for other collections of some of the best knife to have it in your kitchen. Therefore, it is extremely budget friendly, durable, reliable, and sharp.

Few things about it…

There are some complaints about the collapsing of the blade but as we said that it is not designed for heavy duties and if you need a knife for heavy duties, we will not suggest you go for Dalstrong Phantom.


If you are a beginner or professional chef and you need a best knife for comparatively softer duties, we will recommend you Dalstrong Phantom. It is handy, well-balanced, thin & lightweight, and can make your job enjoyable and easier. However, if you are looking for a heavy duty knife, we will not suggest you opt for Dalstrong Phantom.


Best Multi Purpose Knife

4Shun Classic 10” Multi-purpose Knife 2021

The 10-inch Shun classic special knife offers an extra lengthy blade. As a result, it increases efficiency and productivity while you are cutting, slicing, or dicing in the kitchen. The Shun classic is a versatile knife that can perform various kitchen tasks with ease.

From cutting meat to herbs and everything in between. It is useful for all type of kitchen undertakings. Whether you are a fresher or professional chef, the Shun classic knife is for everyone. It is just like a tiny sword in your kitchen which can cut virtually everything. Additionally, the Shun series also offers lifetime sharpening facility.




Main Features

  • A 10-inch super sharp VG-Max blade
  • Total length is 13.5-inch
  • 67 layers of stainless Damascus steel
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Excellent balance
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Doesn’t need frequent sharpening
  • Aesthetically awesome looking
  • Firm gripping
  • Well-balanced
  • Some might find the logo uncomfortable

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Design & Usability

All the Shun series knives are amazing and received the praise from the customers but the Shun classic is a beast. The Shun classic is just like a mini sword in the kitchen which can cut everything. It is useful for all, does not make any whether you are a professional chef or new to the kitchen.

This will make your time in the enjoyable and memorable. Also, it saves time as you can perform difficult kitchen tasks with more ease and comfort.

Quality & Performance

Have you ever wished to have a hand on one of the best knives? If yes, we strongly recommend you to go for the Shun classic knife. You will have a lifetime experience.

Its high quality and 67 layers of Damascus stainless steel and perfect balance make it exceptional both quality wise and usability wise. With little care and maintenance, the Shun classic could be a lifetime friend of yours in the kitchen.

The weight of the Shun classic is light so therefore it is extremely easy to cut, dice, or slice for hours without getting tired.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be fooled with the price as you will get the perfect worth for the price.

Despite some complaints about the quality of the steel and collapsing of the tip, the overall feedback of the customers is overwhelming.


If you are looking for an all in one super sharp best Japanese knife, we will suggest you go for the Shun classic. It is durable, reliable, multi-purpose, and easy to maintain.

Additionally, it doesn’t need regular sharpening so you can use it without the worry of losing sharpness or getting rusty.


Best Vegetable Knife

5Dalstrong Nakiri High Carbon Knife 2021

If you are low on budget and looking for a genuine one of the best knife, the Dalstrong Nakiri is designed for you. Despite the low price, well below $100, offers a high-quality vegetable knife which is both durable and best when it comes to performance. Its 6-inch sharp blade may suit your kitchen undertakings.

The razor blade is ruthlessly sharp and you can perform your kitchen duties with ease as Dalstrong Nakiri gives an effortless cut. Additionally, its attractive design makes it even more beautiful and good looking. It is made up of AUS-8 stainless steel. The Dalstrong Nakiri is resistant to stains and rust. Besides, it does not need regular sharpening.


Best Japanese Knife



Main Features

  • 6-inch sharp blade
  • 58+ Rockwell hardness
  • AUS-8 stainless steel
  • D-shaped handle
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to hold
  • Lightweight
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong grip
  • Amazing balance
  • Easy to hold
  • Rust resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • It may collapse while performing heavy duties

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Design & Usability

The d-shaped handle disappears in your hand and you can cut everything from meat to herbs with great ease and comfort. The Dalstrong Nakiri blade is mercilessly sharp. Without getting tired, you perform your kitchen operations for more extended times.

Similarly, its excellent balance provides extra comfort to the customers. Furthermore, the d-shaped handle gives a firm gripping that you can dice, slice, or things with more power. Therefore, we can say that Dalstrong is a special weapon for your kitchen and if you are not a professional chef.

It will make you feel so!

Along with its extraordinary performance, Dalstrong Nakiri’s design is very special. It is good looking and attractive.

Quality & Performance

When it comes to performance, nobody can beat the Dalstrong Nakiri. It is way ahead in performance from its competitors. The Dalstrong Nakiri is rust-resistant, and its high-quality carbon steel makes it maintenance easier. Moreover, it is easy to hold, gives a perfect balance, and it is lightweight.

The pakkawood d-shaped handle gives a strong grip and power to you that make you like a professional chef. Its extra-sharp blade gives a buttery smooth cutting which makes your jobs easier, comfortable, and enjoyable in the kitchen.

It is best suited for professionals as well as the beginners. It is highly suggested for beginners as it is budget-friendly and you do not need to spend a huge chunk of money.


If you are low on budget, or just getting to the kitchen, it is highly recommended to go for the Dalstrong Nakiri. It will surely make you experience an amazing one in the kitchen.

Similarly, if you are a professional chef, this knife could be an amazing addition to your kitchen and will make your job more comfortable.


Best Knife Set

6Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Knives

Are you looking for a perfect set of the best knives for your kitchen? Perhaps the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-piece set made up from the high carbon stainless steel is arguably the best knives set for you in 2021.

This mentioned set of knives comes with a variety of different shapes and sizes, with the help of which you can do all the kitchen tasks with ease and comfort.

These are multi-purpose knives for a variety of tasks. It can be an amazing addition to both domestic and commercial kitchen. Similarly, it is useful both for professional chefs as well as for newcomers to the kitchen.


best japanese knives


When it comes to preparing food, cutting slicing or dicing, it gives you more power, freedom, and strength. The Mercer Culinary knives set comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Therefore, it can perform various difficult and time-consuming time tasks in no time. It will save you time as you can accomplish different kitchen undertakings with more freedom and authority.

Check More Variety: Knives Set 2021


Main Features

  • Made up from high carbon stainless steel
  • Handle made up from Santoprene
  • 6-piece super sharp knives set
  • Handle colour is black
  • Handle gives a firm gripping
  • Mercilessly sharp
  • Awesome packaging
  • Amazing customer service
  • All in one package
  • Multi-purpose
  • Excellent grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • May develop rust around the corners

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Design & Usability

It is exclusively designed both for softer and heavy duties which leave you many options. You can perform difficult tasks with opting for the best knives set 2021 out of the lot. Besides, its maintenance is easier than your anticipation and with little care, it could be your all-season partners.

Also, the handle is made up of ergonomic Santoprene which offers you more comfort and non-slip during long sessions of preparing meals for the family. Along with its remarkable performance, the Mercer Culinary Genesis knives are very good looking.

They have been designed keeping in mind the necessities of the customers especially professional chef knives. The sharp blade cuts meat, vegetables and other things in a jiffy.

Similarly, it is useful both in cold as well as in hot conditions but one thing must be in your mind that do not wash in the dishwasher as it can develop rust.Most of the clients are satisfied with the performance of the Mercer Culinary Genesis knives.


There are some complaints regarding the rusting of the blade near to handle.

Quality & Performance

The high-quality carbon made Mercer Culinary Genesis knives are ruthlessly sharp and handy. They are the must-own tools of the kitchen. After having these knives in your kitchen, you will fall in love with the Mercer Culinary Genesis set of knives.

It makes complicated tasks ridiculously easy and simple. Furthermore, the Mercer Culinary Genesis knives come in beautiful packaging and the company provides the best customer services. These knives do not need frequent sharpening, and it maintains its sharp edge for a longer period.


If you are a professional chef or just entering the kitchen, the Mercer Culinary Genesis knives are a  special present for you. It will make your time more enjoyable and comfortable in the kitchen. You will enjoy preparing different foods for you and your family.


Best Knife Set

7Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series 12-Piece Knives Set 2021

The Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives set is yet another high quality and high-performance knives set which gives you many choices to complete your kitchen undertakings with more authority and power. Now, you can prepare meals with more confidence as the Ginsu Gourmet Chikara will do whatever you ask them.

They are extremely sharp and gives a buttery cut. Performance and efficiency is undoubtedly a remarkable one.It comes with many sizes, designs and shapes. It suited for multiple kitchen operations which can save you time.

Additionally, you feel like a professional chef and you will enjoy your time in the kitchen as you can perform complicated tasks in quick time with more ease and comfort.


best japanese knife set


It is highly recommended for both commercial and domestic kitchens. No matter whether you are a professional chef or a beginner in this field, this knife is useful for all of you.


Main Features

  • 12-piece premium knives set
  • 420J stainless steel
  • Extremely sharp & efficient
  • Different designs, sizes, and styles
  • Lightweight
  • Thin sharp blades
  • Amazing Balance
  • Easy to hold
  • Affordable price
  • May develop rust

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Design & Usability

The Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives set is a combination of 12 different sizes and shapes of knives. This will surely make your job much easier in the kitchen. Design-wise, it is suitable both for softer and heavy-duties. It leaves you with many options as you can choose the knife of your choice and adjust accordingly.

Apart from that, the maintenance of the Ginsu Gourmet Chikara is very simple and easy. With little care, it can be your lifetime partners which will stand by you in every thick and thin.

The extraordinary balance of Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives set make you keep comfortable while working in the kitchen continuously for long hours. Its sharp razor blade is more than capable of cutting, dicing, and slicing multiple things. With the help of Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives set, you can prepare time-consuming foods in less time.

Quality & Performance

The Ginsu Gourmet Chikara set of knives are mercilessly sharp and efficient. Similarly, it keeps its razor blade sharp longer than its competitors. These knives are widely popular among commercial and domestic kitchens due to its easy maintenance, sharp blade, well-balanced, and usability.

When it comes to performance, the Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives set will never disappoint you as you can rely on it in difficult situations. Furthermore, the beautiful packaging and affordable price is another reason to love Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives. One thing must be remembered that these are Chinese made knives and not genuine knives.


Although, these are Chinese made knives and not genuinely traditional knives but the quality and performance of Ginsu Gourmet Chikara knives are amazing. If you are a beginner or a professional chef and looking for a low budget best knives, this set might be for you. On the hand, if you are looking for genuine knives, we will not recommend it to you.


Best Knives In The World

8Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Best Knife

The Wusthof Classis 8-inch knife is the best while chopping, mincing, slicing, and cutting. This knife amazing balance and it is very easy to hold.

Additionally, the handle is best suited for your palm, as it disappears in your hand and you can do all the kitchen works with utmost comfort. The Wusthof Classis 8-inch knife’s blade is 20% sharper than the other editions Wusthof.


best japanese chef knife


Thus, you can cut, mince, slice, and chop things with buttery smoothness. Additionally, it keeps its razor blade sharp for a longer time than the other competitive knives of its calibre.


Main Features

  • Total length 13-inch
  • 8-inch blade
  • Lightweight
  • A thin and sharp blade
  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to discoloration
  • Amazing balance
  • Easy to hold
  • A sharp and thin blade
  • Lightweight
  • Rust and discoloration resistant
  • Excellent balance
  • A little heavier

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Design & Usability

The total length of the Wusthof Classis knife is 13-inch while its blade is 8-inch long. Its sharp blade is suited for both domestic and commercial kitchens. So, if you are a home chef or a professional chef this will help you greatly. Furthermore, the lightweight of the Wusthof Classis 8-inch knife gives you more comfort while in the kitchen for long periods.

The great balance of this knife is lauded by many professional chefs. The amazing positive feedback is a glimpse of its remarkable performance. It is handy and reliable. You can prepare your meals with more power and authority.

Quality & Performance

The Wusthof Classic knife is reliable, durable, and handy. Its efficiency is unquestionably amazing and it will deliver in every situation you demand from Wusthof classic. Its 8-inch blade is ruthlessly sharp and during cutting, mincing, dicing, and copping it will always deliver more than your expectations.

It makes difficult tasks of kitchen ridiculously easy and simple. It saves you time and makes your time more comfortable and enjoyable in the kitchen while preparing your favorite meals for you and your family.

There are some complaints regarding the rust and sharpness of the Wusthof Classic, however, the overwhelming majority of customers are satisfied with the performance of Wusthof Classic. With a little care, it can be your best partner in the kitchen while preparing meals.

Finally, one thing must be kept in mind that you should not wash the Wusthof Classic in the Dishwasher as it may develop rust.


If you are looking for multi-purpose top quality knife, the Wusthof Classis 8-inch knife is probably designed for you. With the help of Wusthof Classis, you can perform difficult tasks of the kitchen with more ease and comfort, and it saves you time. It is strongly recommended both for professional and for home chefs.


Best Shun Knife

9Shun Premier 8-Inch Top Quality Knife

Shun Premier with its 8-inch blade comes with several customer benefits. Those individuals who are not yet ready to go for 9 or 10-inch blades, it is advised that 8-inch Shun Premier is the top knife 2021 for such people. These are advantageous for multiple reasons. Out of all 8-inch knives, the Shun Premier is the best knife you will ever have.

The Shun premier is better suited for starters however it is also beneficial in the same way for professional home and commercial chefs. Its sharp blade cuts with precision and ease. Aesthetically, its is good looking and another reason to fall in love with the Shun Premier is the attractive design of it.

best japanese shun knife

Main Features

  • 8-inch thin blade
  • VG-10 stainless steel
  • Twofold incline edge16 degrees (32 total)
  • Made up from high carbon with 32 layers
  • Rockwell hardness rating is 60-61
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Top Quality
  • A ruthlessly sharp thin blade
  • Smooth cutting
  • Ergonomic d-shaped handle
  • Firm gripping
  • Free lifetime sharpening facility
  • Blade may bend

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Design and Usability

First and foremost, the total length of the Shun premier is 15-inch and the length of its blade is 8-inch. It is made up of high carbon stainless steel which is resistant to rust and discolouration. Similarly, 32 layers of high carbon tough layers make it the best performing knife you ever have.

The d-shaped pakkawood handle gives a firm grasp and control over the knife. Likewise, it also prevents rolling in your hand while mincing, cutting, and dicing a full range of fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods. The Shun Premier is by far the best knife you will ever have.

If offers you great balance and control. Additionally, you can cut for a long time without getting tired and feeling uncomfortable. Apart from performance, it is also good looking and attractive.

Quality and Performance

The hardness rerating of Shun Premier is 60-61 which make it more reliable than its competitors. Its thin blade is sharp and keeps its edge for a longer time. Apart from that, with a little care, it could be your lifetime partner in the kitchen. The high-quality carbon made Shun Premier is resistant to rust and discolouration.

Some complaints are regarding the sharpening of the Shun Premier has been received, however, the bulk of customer has shown the satisfaction over the sharpness of the Shun Premier. In any case, if you feel that your Shun Premier is not as sharp after using it for some time, you can avail the lifetime free guarantee of sharpening from the company.


If you are a professional chef or new to the kitchen, you will surely need the Shun Premier for your kitchen operations. Undoubtedly, the Shun Premier is one of the best knives 2021 you will ever have. These are reliable, durable, and excellent when it comes to performance.


Best Shun Chef Knife

10Shun Premier 6-Inch Lightweight Knife 2021

Keeping the glorious history of the best knives in mind, the Shun Premier 6-inch knife is the practical example of it. If you have wished to own a best knife, the Shun Premier 6-inch knife is for you. It is suited both for home chefs as well as best commercial chefs.

Its 6-inch sharp edge is suitable for all the kitchen operations, from meat to herbs and everything in between. You can cut, dice, and mince a variety of things from a full range of fruits to vegetables and all other foods.


best japanese shun knife


The Pakkawood handle disappears in your hand and you are in a position to control and hold the knife as per your choice and need. The Shun Premier 6-inch knife is such a masterpiece of traditional culinary craftsmanship that you will immediately fall for it.


Main Features

  • A 6-inch sharp thin blade
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Excellent balance
  • Easy to hold
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • Elegant Design
  • Perfect grasp
  • Pakkawood d-shaped handle
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect balance
  • Sharp thin edge
  • You may find it a little small

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Design & Usability

As you might know, it takes a lot of dedication and effort to produce a piece like Shun Premier knife. It is a genuinely traditional best handmade knife with a 6-inch blade. The Pakkawood handle gives awesome gripping which is again handmade. Just like its performance, the looks of Shun Premier are attractive and beautiful. It is purely a piece of art. You will enjoy having a Shun Premier in the kitchen with you.

The Shun Premier 6-inch knives are handy, reliable, and durable. If you take proper care of it, these will be your all-time friends in the kitchen. Similarly, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen while preparing your favorite meals for your loved ones.

Quality & Performance

The quality of Shun Premier 6-inch knives is unquestionably remarkable. It is trusted by professional chefs around the world and it is just like a mini sword that you must possess for you kitchen operations. It is a handy knife which gives you authority, power, and control to dictate your kitchen. Its lightweight enables you to work in the kitchen for extended hours without any sign of fatigue and tiredness.

The balance of Shun Premier is amazing and its d-shaped Pakkawood handle is fit for your palm. You will feel like a professional chef in the kitchen. Additionally, its Pakkawood handle prevents rolling in the hand and you will have a firm grasp over this mini sword. Although, its blade is short as compare to other knives, no way it is inferior to other knives when it comes to business. Therefore, it should be on your list to buy it in this season.


If you have ever wished to have a best knife, we will urge you to go for Shun Premier 6-inch knife. This is a perfect and practical example of tremendous traditional culinary artisan-ship. It is small, handy, sharp, lightweight, and efficient.


Best Blade Knife

11 Yoshihiro Hayate High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

Till that point, we have discussed many knives but honestly, no one can match the caliber of Yoshihiro Hayate. This is the best knife on our entire list. It is specially designed for professional chefs.

However, home-based chefs can also use it. We will not recommend it to the beginners but if you think you have enough experience with knives, do not be reluctant and go for it. It will surely be your lifetime experience. You will fall in love with your Yoshihiro Hayate.


best japanese yoshika knife


Although, it is a little on the pricey side, but we will assure you that it is worth it, and it will never disappoint you. From its elegant design to its amazing performance, the Yoshihiro Hayate has everything that one can imagine. It is surely a perfect piece of art and craftsmanship.


  • Amazing balance
  • Super sharp blade
  • Resistant to rust
  • Resistant to discolouration
  • Lightweight
  • Firm grip
  • May be high price

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Design & Usability

The 8.25-inch Yoshihiro Hayate is as sharp as a scalpel. It gives a buttery cut while mincing, dicing, and slicing fruits, vegetables, and meat. It keeps its blade sharp longer than any other knife available in the market online. The Yoshihiro Hayate is the first pick of all enthusiasts, home-based chefs, and professional chefs. It carries perfect weight and you will never feel tired while cutting for longer time. Similarly, its balance is even more amazing.

The ebony handle fits in your palm, and you cut things with more command, authority, and control. The Yoshihiro Hayate 8.25-inch is a powerful knife which will make you a professional chef. It will surely be of the best genuine traditional knives you have ever owned.

It is made up of high carbon which is resistant to rust and discoloration. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for Yoshihiro Hayate and make your time more enjoyable and comfortable in the kitchen.

Quality & Performance

Unquestionably and undoubtedly, the Yoshihiro Hayate is one of the best knives you will ever have. It is just like a friend in the kitchen, a loyal friend. The Yoshihiro Hayate will help you complete difficult kitchen tasks with more ease and comfort. You can work for a long time in the kitchen and prepare your favourite foods for family and at the same time, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen.

There are some cons in almost every knife, but the Yoshihiro Hayate is such a masterpiece that it has no cons. It is a complete package from tip to handle and everything in between.


If you are a professional chef and looking best high end knife or a cooking and knives enthusiast, we will strongly recommend you to go for the Yoshihiro Hayate. It will be your lifetime experience as the Yoshihiro Hayate will be your lifetime partner. It is a perfect example of the best craftsmanship and culinary art.


Best Miyabi Chef Knife

12 Miyabi Fusion With 10Inch Blade Knife

These 10-inch blade knives for everyone. If you are new to the kitchen and just starting the complex tasks of the kitchen, it might be a little large for you. However, if you continue with it for some time, it could be your best friend in the kitchen.


best japanese miyabi knife


Consequently, we have chosen Miyabi Fusion 10 in this category.Finally, the performance of these knives is as best as it sounds.


Main Features:

  • 10 Inch sharp blade
  • 5-12 edge
  • POM handle
  • 65 layers of VG-10 steel
  • Honzabuke hand honing process
  • Multi-Purpose knife
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ideal weight
  • Best knives with style and Western benefits
  • Inferior quality as compare to other knife

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Design and Usability

It is a sharp end knife manufactured in Seki, Japan. Miyabi Fusion takes the best steel nature of customary Japanese cutlery and blends it in with the solace and comfort of Western-style blades. Accordingly, you appreciate a comfortable inclination blade that packs 65 layers of incredible best super steel.With a touch of understanding, you can utilize the Fusion 10 for most dinner planning undertakings. We don’t suggest it for hardcore cutting, however, as you may harm the little sharp edge.

Quality and Performance

On Amazon, the Miyabi Fusion has an enormous client rating average (4.8 out of 5 stars). Most clients are blissful while portraying this current blade’s exhibition since it empowers home cooks to feel like proficient gourmet experts.  The model comes sharp right out of the container and has the perfect load for good paring knives. In any case, Miyabi could put more in the bundling of their $200 blade.

Consequently, we wouldn’t consider it a significant issue, yet it is a viewpoint that you ought to know about if you need to give it as a blessing. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best knife 2021 you will ever have.


If you are looking for long blade best knives, pick the Miyabe Fusion knife. It is a traditional knife with western innovation. Using Miyabi Fusion 10 knife will make you feel like a professional chef.


Best Gyuto Chef Knife

13Enso HD Gyuto Best Knife for Chefs

First and foremost, the knives expert blades can commonly fit in one of two classifications Gyuto or Santoku. Gyuto knives are generally progressively mainstream, inferable from their openness and convenience. While there are a lot of Gyuto models for you to look over, we energetically prescribe the Enso HD blade.


best japanese GYUTO KNIFE


Carefully assembled by the Seki-based Enso, the HD blade includes all the subtleties one would ever need from a customary cook knives.


Main Features

  • Tsuchine ( hammered ) Damascus cutting edge HRC61
  • Twofold slope edge
  • Micarta handle
  • 37 layers of pure VG-10 steel
  • Staggering design
  • Perfect sharpness
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Keeps an edge long
  • Flimsy but rugged blade
  • Balance may not be palatable

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Design and Usability

The Enso HD looks and feels like a real Damascus blade. Its 10-inch cutting edge is produced using 37 layers of Japanese super steel, perfectly hammered by hand. For the handle, Enso picked dark canvas micarta as a durable replacement for Pakkawood.

However, a few clients feel that the handle isn’t as agreeable as they’d want it to be, yet the manufacturers planned it along these lines to withstand overwhelming use. Like all utility knives, the HD’s sharp edge is meager and exact without giving up strength.

Quality and Performance

When it comes to durability, the Enso HD blade has a Rockwell hardness rating of 61, guaranteeing its fabricate quality. It comes sharp, and because the model uses VG-10 steel, it additionally guarantees that it will remain sharp in time.

While the equalization might be somewhat off for certain cooks, the HD blade is ideal for paper-slight cutting yet besides slashing and dicing. Enso remains behind their items with a lifetime guarantee, so ensure you connect with client assistance on the off chance that you experience any issues with the HD blade.


We strongly recommend you to use Esco HD, which is one of the best chef knife. It can help you to master your chef skills. It is handy both for beginners as well for expert chefs.


Best Knife for Gifts

14 Yoshihiro NSGY240SH Knife for Gifts

If your loved ones are getting married, and you want to gift them something which could be a house warming, high-quality, a good knife is a cool idea.

The Yoshihiro NSGY240SH is beautifully packaged and could be a great idea to gift it to your friends. It is one of the most prestigious and sophisticated traditional knives brands.




Main Features

  • 5-inch hammered blade
  • Double redwood bolsters
  • Natural Magnolia Saya (Cover included)
  • Shitan rosewood handle
  • 46 layers of VG-10 Damascus Steel
  • Great craftsmanship
  • The traditional cover makes it ideal for gifts
  • Exceptional edge retention
  • Perfect parity and weight
  • Ultra-smooth cutting
  • Food tends to stick

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Design and Usability

So, what precisely makes the Yoshihiro NSGY240SH a marvelous blessing?  Its structure is unquestionably a significant selling point. The 9.5-inch sharp edge is produced using 46 layers of hand-pounded VG-10 steel by Japanese craftsmen.

As per clients, the outcomes are considerably additionally dazzling. What’s more, the NSGY240SH has a flawless rosewood handle with redwood supports. The magnolia Saya (wooden sheath) is what tops off an already good piece. Similarly, you can purchase a best whetstone to make this stunning piece a perfect one.

Quality and Performance

Yoshihiro has fabricated a solid reputation regarding Japanese cutlery glorious tradition. As a result, you can expect nothing, not precisely unadulterated quality from their NSGY240SH blade.

A few clients grumbled about the absence of a solid handle, yet a touch of light research shows that it’s not part of Japanese knives manufacturers. Other than that, the Yoshihiro NSGY240SH gives a silk-like cutting experience, has awesome equalization, and is probably going to hold an edge for quite a while.


It is a multi-purpose knife. Along with many kitchen undertakings, it can be used as a garden knife and as a hunting knife. Apart from that, its excellent packaging makes it ideal for gifts. If you are planning to gift something to your friends, the Yoshihiro Japanese knife could be an excellent choice.


Best Santoku Knife

15 Shun Premier Santoku Knife for Chefs

Santoku blades may not be as popular as Gyuto models, yet they have a progression of advantages. Before we jump into the focal points, we will start by sharing our most loved Santoku right now. The Shun Premier Santoku blade is an eye-catching knife ever with a fantastic completion that will be a delight to work with.




Main Features

  • 7-inch Santoku blade
  • 32 layers (manually-hammered)
  • VG-10 steel knife
  • HRC 60-61
  • Pakkawood handle (Curved)
  • Eye-catching design
  • Stunning completion
  • Amazingly-balanced knife
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Lifetime guarantee (limited)
  • Edge is not that long

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Design & Usability

Contrasted with Gyutos, the Santoku blades includes a more extensive sharp edge and bent tip. They are strongly suggested by experienced gourmet specialists for dicing, mincing, and cutting. Indeed, the expression “Santoku” is said to speak to the “three ideals” referenced previously.

The Shun Santoku, specifically, is a genuine masterpiece. It is brilliantly intended to look similarly as high as it performs. Its 7-inch cutting edge contains 32 layers of Damascus steel pounded by hand, while its bent handle is produced using Pakkawood.

Quality & Performance

Shun is regarded as one of the leading and well-reputed knives producing companies in Japan. Tragically, however, there are various complaints regarding the quality of Santokus. While some are disturbed about how fragile the cutting edge is, others aren’t happy with the general sharpness of the border.

On the off chance that your tip or sharp edge ends up breaking, exploit Shun’s lifetime guarantee. After all, if you can take care of your Santoku, you will be fascinated by this wonderfully structured Japanese blade.


If you are planning to buy a Santoku edc knives ever, we will strongly recommend you to opt for Shun premier Santoku. This Santoku model is exceptionally efficient for slicing, cutting, and mincing. Furthermore, it is such a beautiful design that you will appreciate every day.


Best Knife Sharpener in 2021

16 Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

It is design to sharp European, American and Asian style knives. For unlimited sharpness you need to buy the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric knife sharpener. Advanced, patented flexible spring guides for accurate control of the sharpening angle.

Mostly chef chose is this best knife sharpener. If you are converting your knife it will take significantly more sharpening time to the Trizor edge. From one side swipe 20 times of the knife, then each side 15 times of the knife, last stage is swipe 5 times each side. Before you buy to rush this product lets go through features.


best electric knife Sharpener


Main Features

  • Model-010150
  • Smooth & clean edge with hair-splitting sharpness
  • Powerful Motor
  • 100% Diamond Abrasives
  • 3 Sharpening Stages
  • 100% Diamond Abrasives
  • Dimension of product – 10 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches
  • Weight of the sharpener – 4.2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer – Edge Craft
  • Easily convert any type of knives to 15-degree style blades.
  • Very efficient and easy to use.
  • With a flexible stropping disk will not damage your edge during honing.
  • Limited 3 years of warranty.
  • Triple-bevel sharpening ensures edge last longer.
  • 5 pounds’ weight
  • Very short power cord is attached.
  • Not suitable for 20-degree knives.

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Design &Usability

The chief choose knife sharpener is the unlimited game changer when it comes to sharpening knives. Before I tell about its capabilities, I have to tell you a little about the bevel angle.

Different shape of knives and different angle of the cutting edge of their blades. The shape and angle determine how easily you can cut a certain material through it and also the blade longevity. Santoku Knife have a thinner and 15-degree angle.

Quality and Performance

The best quality of this sharpener is that it’s not only a sharpener it’s a converter also, you can turn 20-degree angle to 15 degrees easily. The resulting blades are durable and sharp. Very easy to operate the machine but allow you to achieve superior sharpening results. Sharpening disk made of 100% diamond and abrasive material is used in this sharpener.

This Trizor knife sharpener creates the perfect edge for every cutting task. An advanced best knife sharpener for japanese knives with patented flexible spring guides for accurate control.


If you are looking for best electric knife sharpener, Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is design for you. With the help of this sharpener you can easy sharp your knife in a few seconds.

This sharpener save time because it done his work so quickly.


Best Sushi Knife

17PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

The PAUDIN knife is great and useful for all purpose, it is the best sushi knife, it is very sharp with a blade of 2mm, making it flexible for a variety of prep tasks. A very comfortable handle is design for this with 8-inch blade.

You can use it in kitchen for different purposed, vegetables, meat, fish etc. One most interesting thing is that PAUDIN offers a life time warranty against defects.




Main Features

  • Sharpening of a knife is the point important feature for a cutting knife.
  • Dimension 8 x 1.8 x 0.1 inches
  • Weight 6.9 ounces
  • Manufactured by PAUDIN
  • Model Number N1-Chef Knife
  • Super Sharp Blade
  • Use for all Purpose
  • With Magnetic case and Display box
  • Ultra sharp edge
  • Special waved pattern blade
  • Soft and comfortable handle
  • Use for cutting anything in the kitchen
  • Heavy weight
  • Don’t work on brute tasks

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Design & Usability

Made of stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness. With 15-degree edge and 0.25 mm blade ensure the long lasting sharpness. Sharpening is the most important feature in a knife if a knife is not sharp its means it’s not durable. The blade of this knife is attached with a soft and comfortable handle.

Quality & Performance

Such a great performance of this Knife Customers were super impressed by the quality of this blade, because it is made of German steel it is sharp and durable with life time warranty mostly people like this because of his performance and life time warranty. The balanced handle with ergonomic design gives you effortless cuts of meats, fish, sushi, vegetables and fruits.


We strongly recommended you PAUDIN Pro, Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef’s Knife, because it is very durable and sharp. You can easily finish your work and save your time.


Best Pocket Knife

18Kershaw Blur, Black Serrated Folding Knife with All-Black Body

One of the best folding pocket knife in the market place. Mostly peoples like this because of his performance. It boasts a corrosion resistant blade with a sharp blade that maintains its edge despite heavy use.

The weight of this model is 3.9 ounces. You have not to worry about the weight using it.You can carry it easily because of its light weight. Having a great handling capability. The length of the blade is 3.4 inches.




Main Features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weight is 3.9 ounces
  • Speed Safe and thumb stud allow for quick safe, and easy release
  • Pocket clip for easy storage
  • Corrosion resist
  • Length is 3.4 inches
  • Good quality grip handle
  • Best corrosion resistant steel
  • With aluminum frame
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Dual deployment option
  • Lift handed option is not available
  • For some location blade is too long

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Design & Usability

High performance steel and corrosion resistant and hardness. 3.4 inch cutting edge and 3.9 ounces’ weight. Carbon coating sharp and durable blade, with a low friction coefficient so particle do not easily attach with the blade.

Fast and easy one handed blade deployment. Manually apply pressure to the flipper or thumb stud with light push or pull back to overcome resistance of the torsion bar.


The manufacture did a great job when it comes to the overall construction. Sharp blade and corrosion resistant with stain and scratch resistant. Handle is very rough so the capability of the handle is great and have a good grip. One handed flipper option if you want to open it just push a thumb stud or press a flipper.


We strongly recommended you the Kershaw Blur Knife one of the best pocket knife in the market. Very sharp and stainless with amazing feature. High-Performance Steel, Attractive Blade Coating, Secure Locking System, Durable Handle and many more.


Best Survival Knife

19Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife, Black

The best survival knife is Air force survival knife. It is made from the 1095 steel which is very tough and easily sharp in the field. Over the blade the black coating protects it from rusting and corrosion.

The overall length of this knife is 9.5 inches. The length of the blade is 5 inch and 4.5-inch handle. A very sharp blade with 0.4 centimeter thickness of the edge.




The handle of this knife is made of lather, also handle is very perfect for both left and right hand.


Main Features

  • Dark coating finish blade very sharp
  • Length of the knife I 9.5 inches
  • Handle is made of lather
  • With a plane edge
  • Blade length is 5 inches
  • With life time warranty
  • The edge of the blade has a plain flat level.
  • Its provide a very good cutting and chopping.
  • The hardness of this knife is 55 Rockwell hardness.
  • It’s also include a sharpening stone.
  • A rust proof zinc phosphate wraps up on the blade.
  • The handle might get loose from the blade.
  • It doesn’t have a fire striker.

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Design & Usability

This knife is extremely good cutting and chopping feature. It is a long lasting knife. It is made of stainless steel the handle of the knife is name of pure lather which is very durable. Its handle is design for both left and right hand. The blade of the knife is coated by zinc phosphate which help to resist corrosion. The brown colour sheath with a black colour bottom will give you a rest to your eyes.


Extraordinary sharp blades, these blades were made for US Army and air force. You can consider this knife very capable tool for open up pieces of wood. This knife has a saw portion on the back of the blade however, it is too thick to make a good saw. The handle made from lather but the leather is rough but have a good grip.


If you are looking for the best survival knife, try the Ontario 499 Air Force. Long lasting, corrosion and rusting resisting. I would recommend it to anyone who has a keen interest in adventures. This beast is nothing but will absolutely accomplish the job.


Best Carving Knife

20Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife

When we buy a carving knife first of all we check the material and sharpness of the knife, but the Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Carving Knife is the best choice.

German cutlery steel use in this knife, and they won’t break down very easily over time. its resist corrosion and rust more longer than other steels.

Why the blade material is crucial, it will dictate how long it can hold an edge. Steel comes with a ground trapped edge which means that it will remain sharp for a long time. The length of this knife is 15 inches and the weight is 9.6 ounces. The handle is made of plastic, wood and resin.




Main Features

  • Length of knife is 15 inches
  • Weight is 9.6 ounces
  • The Blade length is 8 inches
  • High carbon stainless steel Blade material
  • Blade and edge is straight
  • High carbon stainless German steel
  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • Tapered edge which is sharp and straight
  • Made of stainless steel which is corrosion and rust resistant
  • 8-inch straight blade which is sharp and durable
  • If you cut hard material with it the edge may chip easily
  • In rare case the knife has some time a slight bend to it

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Design & Usability

The main thing of this is knife is its very sharp and corrosion less. It is made of German stainless steel. Comfortable and non-slip grip handle is installed in it. Length of this knife is 15 inches and the blade length is 8 inches.

Overall, this is an expertly crafted carving knife that works well for most cutting, chopping, and slicing. The handle is made of santoprene which is not break down when exposed to kitchen oils and its able to withstand hot and cold temperature.


The long blade of knife is very perfect for slicing and carving roasts, and ham. Bring it for your kitchen and you can easily complete food preparation task effectively and efficiently. Their handles are made of Santoprene it is very comfortable and have a good grip.

The side of the knife is hand polished that are taper ground for superior stability and long lasting sharpness. Bolster a small piece of metal is come with the knife which helps its centre of gravity and enable you to work quickly and efficiently.


The great thing I notice is the quality of blade, in this knife use high quality carbon steel which resist corrosion and rust more than other metals. A great design with a Santoprene handle which is rigid and not slip from the hand even your hand is wet.


Buying Guide

[Best Knives Reviews 2021]

With so many varieties of knives out there in the market, at times, it becomes a hard task to choose the best option. A knife is a must-own tool for both beginners and professional chefs. These are some classy knives you will ever come across.

Besides, it is the need of every kitchen in order to run the kitchen operations perfectly. It saves you both your precious time and energy, which is cool.

best japanese knives

Obviously, before making a final decision to purchase, everybody wants to do some research and brainstorming. However, with a few simple tricks and techniques, you can make an appropriate choice.

How to Make the Best Purchase?

First and foremost, to stay away from any kind of hectic and regrets, you need to prioritize your needs and requirements. Therefore, it is vital to opt for a suitable option. To do so, you need to ask yourself a few simple questions. These questions will make it a lot easier for you to make the final decision, which is best for you.

  • What will be the main function of the knife?
  • Will it be for heavy-duties?
  • Will it be for softer duties?
  • How much budget can you allocate for it?
  • Is it for home-based kitchen activities?
  • Are you a professional chef or a beginner?
  • What brand would you prefer?
  • Do you need an extraordinarily sharp knife?
  • Do you prefer quality, look, or both?
  • Have you used the knives before?


Expert’s Choice

In case, if you are wondering which knife professional chefs and experts recommend in Zelite vs Dalstrong & Shun Classic, below is the result based on our research.

best japanese knife


How to choose which knife is perfect for you?

We have listed some of the best knives here. However, it does not mean that you will agree 100% with our reviews. You should consider some key things before going for a knife of your choice. Before buying a knife, you should consider the following questions.

best japanese knives

  • What will be the main use of the knife?
  • Will it be for a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen?
  • Are you a beginner or a professional chef?
  • How many bucks you are going to spend on this?

Some frequently asked questions are answered below.


Keep in Mind

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned questions, you can easily narrow down your fovurite pick out of the lot. Every knife has its pros and cons. However, there is a theory, if you are going to spend much, the cons of the knife reduce. On the other hand, if you are low on the budget, probably you are compromising on the quality of the knife.


Final Verdict

All these knives are unique and amazing in one way or another. It depends on your choice and requirement. Regardless of our review, you can go for the knife which you think is suitable for you. Study the price, features, size, shape, and model of the knife, and then buy the one which suits you the best

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