How to Sharpen Knife

In this article we can lean how to sharpen knife. If you want to know how to sharpen Japanese knives then you need to learn a little more about these.

There are 3 different types of knives in Japan, and they all have a different shape and size, so they are quite distinct from one another.

how to sharpen knife


Longest Blade Sharpen Knife

The long sword is the longest blade, and also the flatest as well. It has a horizontal border, and it also has a straight edge, like a hunting knife. After sharpening, the sword knife will probably be more durable than the flat or curved ones.


Short Blade Sharpen Knife

The short blade, which may also be known as a katana is significantly more manageable. Its span is in fact more than the long one, making it less formidable. The reason for this is the short sword is easier to carry. It’s a shorter duration and a blunt edge, which would be the one which makes it ideal for fighting.


Kuromitsu Sharpen Knife

The third type is the kuromitsu, which is thinner and shorter than the katana. It has a blunt edge and a curved shape, but it’s also durable and may be applied as a pocket knife.

All three of these knives require some basic knowledge in order to be able to use these effectively. The first thing you need to learn is how to sharpen Japanese knives, then after that you can go on to other types of knives.



As soon as you’ve learned how to sharpen Japanese knives, you need to always get the ideal tools. For example, if you would like to sharpen a katana knife, you are going to need a very sharp knife blade. You also need a file that could cut through the alloy that is used to make a katana. When you buy a Japanese knife, make sure you purchase a good quality knife.

It’s always a fantastic idea to bring along your knives when you go shopping. That way, you can sharpen them if needed, and also you don’t need to leave home with a dull knife.

You can find out how to sharpen Japanese knives going to a local store and asking the clerk how to do it. Or, you might also take a class and learn from an expert.


Sharpen Methods

There are many distinct methods to sharpen a Japanese knife. If you’re uncomfortable using one of the tools provided by the store, you can try using a piece of wood or a metal wire. But you should not try this if you’re using a sharpening stone.

The best tool to use to sharpen a Japanese knife is really a sharpener’s steel. A sharpener’s steel is the most frequent tool that is used by many professionals in this field. Sharpening stones could be expensive and you need to find the very best one.

Another helpful guide on the best way to sharpen Japanese knives would be the publication titled”How to Sharpen Japanese Knives and Other Katana Blades” by Michael Bitton. This book includes many useful information about how to do it and where to buy them. Additionally, it has several diagrams. You’ll discover that it’s useful for if you are in a hurry.


Basic Steps

These are just some basic steps on how to sharpen Japanese knives. To sharpen your knives correctly, you’re going to need the perfect gear and the perfect training.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are sharpening a Japanese knife, then you won’t be able to use it immediately, as it has to have time to cool . Thus, follow the steps carefully.

When you’re finished, don’t try to touch it to make certain that it was correctly sharpened. If you do, you then can not safely handle your knife.



To get the best results, you should use a sharpener’s steel. Try to use the highest quality steel you can afford. As long as the steel is of the highest quality, you can expect it to give you the very best outcome.

Professional knife sharpeners are more expensive than the cheap ones. But, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace the tool soon. So, get a good tool now and sharpen your Japanese knife the correct manner, and revel in using it.

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