What is Japanese Food?

Cooked Sushi Rice

Japanese food is called by “eat with eye, nose and tongue”.

Japan has beautiful four seasons and people appreciate each short season by fresh local vegetables, seasonal seafood, and fresh picked garnish. You will see the use sugar in my Japanese recipes a lot.

I say using sugar is one of Japanese foods characteristics. One of our key seasonings is called “Mirin wine”.

It is made from rice and very sweet. But this seasoning helps other seasonings to simmer into other ingredients, making them appear shiny and appetizing and gives the depth of the taste.

I think the way we adapt “sweetness” to cooking is the reason we do not need to desperately crave deserts and candy after a meal.

japanese recipes
But you can always reduce its amount to best suite your taste. Although it is very interesting that my husband tends to add more sugar than even my original recipe. Japanese food is also based on “raw-food”. Raw does not mean only for fish as sushi or sashimi.

Just like Sashimi – beautifully sliced fish filet that you eat with soy sauce and wasabi to appreciate and maximized the delicacy of fish taste.

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You will be surprised how easy and simple my recipes are because they are based on enjoying the pure ingredient’s taste. Just like how American people like the way they eat fresh and sweet corn, all you need is butter and salt. Although Japanese people use butter and soy sauce, the minimum seasoning accentuates the best part of food characteristics.

Watch me like you watch the TV and learn how to adapt my secret, secret but easy techniques to increase your variety of recipes by using your favorite ingredients.

Japanese Dessert – Try This at Home! Quick and Easy 2020

Japanese Dessert

Japanese Dessert

My japanese dessert recipes uses very minimum sugar. First, I thought my recipes had too little sugar, but all of my American friends LOVED my desserts and said

“This is not too sweet!”.

I believe many people are actually looking for less sweet desserts like them. One of my dessert recipes is “Pear Pie” and I only use one table-spoon of sugar.

As I mentioned in my “About Japanese Foods“, Japanese cooking uses sugar and I believe that may be a reason that we do not need to consume too much sugar in the desserts. Because I am impatient for a sugar urge as typical woman, my dessert is quick and easy.

One time I exchanged my secret recipe to this wonderful grilled salmon canape for a recipe my girlfriend owns and she was so surprised and upset how easy my recipe was!

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Sorry girlfriend, delicious does not mean it is difficult. Please find yourself if it is true.


Japanese Dessert Recipes

List of Japanese Dessert Recipes

  • Pear Pie
  • Chocolate Layered San-die
  • Strawberry Milk Jelly
  • Blueberry Cheese Cake



Pear Pie
This is too easy. All you have to do is, cut pear in wedges, pour mixture onto pie sheet where pear wedges are placed. Throw it in an oven for 50 min. Done!

  • 1 Canned Reg. Pear
  • 1 Frozen pie crust
  • 200cc Heavy whipping cream
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • 1 tbs Rum
  • 3 drops Vanilla essence
  • Powder Sugar – as desired
  • Chocolate Syrup – as desired

Pear Pie Recipe

  • Slice pear into wedges
  • Place 1 in a pie
  • Mix sugar and egg
  • Add cream, Rum, Vanilla essence and mix them well
  • Preheat oven 350 degree
  • Bake pie for 50 min until surface turns light brown.
  • Serve them with cream & chocolate syrup.


Chocolate Layered Sandie
You will be AMAZED what the healthy “cereal” will play with ice cream and whipping cream!

Believe or not, this beautiful dessert using cereal is very popular among sweet lovers in Japan!

What’s more? My husband LOVEs this dessert!

  • 1~2 scoop Ice cream
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh cream
  • 2 tbs Sugar
  • 4 Strawberries (Cut 1/2 ~ 1/4 size)
  • 1/4 Banana (Sliced)
  • Chocolate syrup as desired
  • 2 tbs Corn flakes
  • 1/4 Kiwi

Leave a few slices of fruit for decoration

  • Prepare a tall tulip shape glass.
  • Whip fresh cream with sugar.
  • Put cornflakes in the bottom
  • Add ice cream then whipping cream.
  • Put 1/2~1/4 amount of strawberry and banana as desired, and add ice cream again
  • Add whipping cream and repeat #2~4 until fill out the top of the glass.
  • Put fruit around the glass and put ice cream and/or whipping cream.
  • Pour chocolate syrup on the top.


Strawberry Milk Jelly
This recipe is almost breakfast without cereal! You never feel guilty having a dessert made from fruit and milk!

  • Little over 1lbs.(500g) Strawberry
  • 13 oz(400 cc) Milk
  • 5 oz(140g) Sugar
  • 2 tsp Gelatin (+ 3 tbsp of water – soaked)
  • Cool Whip – as needed

Strawberry Milk Jelly

  • Heat up 1/2 milk in a medium pot.
  • Add sugar and gelatin to absorb them. Do not boil. (you can do it by microwave)
  • Remove pot from the heat and cool down a bit.
  • Put strawberry in a blender and add 1/2 cold milk to blend.
  • In a large bowl, pour strawberry and milk mixture from blender and add
  • Pour into glasses.
  • Chill until it sets. Serve with cool whip and your favorite cookie.


Blueberry Cheese Cake
Just mix them up and bake! This recipe is applicable to your favorite fruits and/or chocolate!
If you don’t care for it, then just bake it plain. This recipe is one of my favorite desserts!


  • 8 oz Cream Cheese(Let it warm to room temperature)
  • 7 oz Heavy cream
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3.5 oz Sugar
  • Small handful blueberry

Pie crust for 9″ pie plate

  • 3.5 oz Graham cracker
  • 3 tbs. Unsalted butter Or
  • use 9″ ready-made Graham cracker Pie crust

Pie crust (for 9″ pie plate)

  • In a clear plastic bag, put graham crackers and smash them into pieces.
  • Add butter and mix them well.
  • Line the 9″ pie plate with the mixture evenly.


  • Beat cream cheese with an electric mixer or eggbeater at low speed until smooth.
  • Add sugar & egg and mix them well.
  • Add heavy cream and mix them until smooth.
  • Pour into pie crust and sprinkle blueberries evenly.
  • Bake it in an oven at 350 degrees for 50 minutes or until nice light brown.





Cooked Sushi Rice For Beginner – Japanese Recipes 2020

japanese recipes

Cooked Sushi RiceYes, you can cooked sushi at home!

Here is how!

The greatest Japanese invention!

Sushi is a very casual, easy, and fun food in Japan. Because we have 2 types of Sushi, just like steak in the States. They are professional sushi and armature sushi. Like all of you grill your steak at home and enjoy, we make sushi at home.

What’s better?

My recipes are for even kids to be able to make his/her own sushi!!

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Please do not miss these unique healthy sushi recipes!



Japanese Sushi Recipes

  • Make Sushi Rice
  • California Roll


Make Sushi Rice

Please remember, this recipe is a very traditional “Basic” Sushi rice recipe.

When I am busy, I skip Konbu seaweed and even use pre-made Sushi vinegar. Mastering the sushi rice means you also mastered 100 recipes already by changing topping, ingredients, and even wrapper!

  • 1 1/2 Cup Short Grain Rice
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 2~3 inch Konbu (Option)

Sushi Vinegar

  • 2 tbs. Sugar
  • 3 tbs. Vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Salt

*3 tbs. If you use ready-made Sushi vinegar

  • Measure rice and put it into a rice cooker inner bowl or a big bowl.
  • Quickly rub grains with running water and quickly drain off water.
  • Add running water again, rinse and drain. Repeat this step 2 to 3 times or until water is almost clear.
  • Drain off the rice with the strainer. Set rice aside for at least 30 min in summer and 1 hour in winter.
  • This allows ample time for rice to absorb the water. Add water before you turn on the rice cooker.
  • Mix vinegar, sugar, and salt well until sugar and salt absorb completely.
  • Put cooked rice into a large bowl and spread evenly over the bottom of the bowl.
  • Sprinkle vinegar mixture generously over the rice.
  • With a large wooden spoon, mix rice with a slicing motion. (While you mix, use a hand, or an electric fan. This is not to cool sushi rice, but to puff the extra liquid away.)
  • Keep Sushi rice in the bowl, covered with a damp cloth.

Cooked Sushi Rice Cooker MEMO

  • If you use a rice cooker, you can add water from the beginning.
  • Rice cooker is found its multi-talents by Japanese wives nowadays.
  • They use a rice cooker for baking for steam cake, frying pan for seasoned rice (but not greasy!), slow cooker for pot roast. My site will be soon introduced “Cooked Sushi Rice Cooker Recipes”.
  • If your family loves this menu, you want to have one at your home.


Make California Roll
Can you imagine your friends’ faces when you serve California roll at your party?

Yes, it will take some practice, but this is the most budget-friendly, flashy, and healthiest party food you can think of. Now let’s get started!

Ingredients (for two rolls)

  • 2 Sheets(for 4 rolls=24 pcs.) Nori (seaweed)
  • 2 sticks of Imitation Crab meat 2
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 2tbs. Tobiko or sesame seeds
  • Mayonnaise as desired

Eat with

  • Soy sauce As desired
  • Wasabi As desired
  • Pickled ginger As desired

Sushi Tools

  • Makisu (wrap with plastic wrap)
  • Hand water with a dash of vinegar in a small bowl
  • Wet towel


  • Cut cucumber into long-length pieces, slice 1/4 avocado into 4 slices, and sprit imitation crab 1/2.
  • Place 1/2 Nori sheet onto Makisu.
  • Put hand-full-formed rice onto Nori.
  • Spread rice onto Nori evenly and softly.
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds or tobiko (you can spread tobiko later). Flip up-side-down.
  • Place crab, cucumber, and avocado in the middle of Nori.
  • Roll from the edge. Hold the ingredients while you are rolling. While securing the top, pull the bottom makisu to set the edge of the roll.
  • Shape roll. Push both edges to secure ingredients. Roll to position the edge in the bottom and remove the makisu.
  • Cut into 6 or 8 pcs.


How to Cook Sushi Rice – Video Tutorial